I Gotta Feeling…

This apartment’s gonna be a good time, this apartment’s gonna be a good time, this apartment’s gonna be a good good time!

Sorry for the Black Eyed Peas rendition but can you tell I’m psyched to move into our new apartment?  400 more square feet.  Hardwood Laminate Floors.  Dining Room Space.  Painted walls.  2 bathrooms.  2 bedrooms.  Amazing West and Loop views of Chicago.  Who wouldn’t be ecstatic?  I figured showing the empty apartment prior to moving in all our junk extremely important belongings would give everyone a better idea of the space!

A couple disclaimers before turning you lose on the video..

1.  This is my first Flip video so I apologize for any motion sickness that may occur while watching…you have been warned.

2.  Please pay no attention to the random floor and ceiling shots, no there is nothing special about them they are in fact laminate floors and a popcorn ceilings (oh the perks of renting).  (See #1 for why this is happening)

3.  This is also my first self-made iMovie so please don’t expect anything fancy.  I’m definitely no Spielburg nor will I ever be.

You have officially been warned.  Now without further ado….ladies and gentlemen I present you with my video debut:

Sick, right?  I know!  The space and the views are pretty bomb.com and I promise the next video will only cause slight nausea (I will improve, I must).  If you have any great decorating/layout/space-saver-ideas/comments for me please share as I will need all the help and advice I can get as I attempt to decorate my first real grown-up living space!


3 thoughts on “I Gotta Feeling…

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