Barn Yard Sale

Winston Churchill once said “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle”.  Well I didn’t spend any time in the actual saddle, but I did spend an hour of my life in it’s presence at a barn yard sale at the Kane County Fairgrounds a few Saturdays back.  After an hour of driving from the city and an accidental detour to a local equestrian show, we finally made it to the St. Peter Barn Sale, where all the items were donated for resale and the proceeds went to the parish.  We found some amazing and some laughable not-so-amazing pieces.  You be the judge.


Our findings (as shown in the pictures) included table-and-lamp two-for-oners, an old school pupil desk that reminded me of my childhood playing teacher at Gram’s, a $25 solid wood way-too-good-to-be-true-for-the-price hutch, a toucan pitcher, and four white outdoor patio chairs.  We also stumbled across a great kitchen table that would have been perfect for us to DIY (I guess it should be, DIO for Do It Ourselves, since projects seem to always need both sets of hands) and a sofa bed for the 2nd Bedroom/Office.

Alas, we have a tiny 2003 Saturn that can barely hold our belongings for a weekend trip home to Iowa nonetheless a table, desk, hutch, and sofa bed so we left with only a $2.50 batch of freshly made chocolate chip cookies and a $3 Mad Men-esque lamp for the desk.  Stay tuned for that later (I know the suspense is killing you).  Although we spent longer getting there and home than we actually spent perusing the oodles of goodies at the Barn Sale, how could it be a wasted hour when we got to see a horse show, have some laughs, raise money for the parish, eat chocolate chip cookies, and buy a $3 lamp?  Sounds pretty darn successful to me.

Where do you go for deals and steals for your house?  What’s the cheapest, most useful item you’ve found that is completely functional and purposeful?


4 thoughts on “Barn Yard Sale

  1. I love your page. I loved seeing your new apartment. and we cant wait to see what you do with it. oh by the way we got the windows done. love to9 you both


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