Fabulous Finds

“We adore chaos because we love to produce order.”
(M.C. Eshner)

Well, I hope this is true because it has been mad chaos trying to organize and beautify our new apartment into a functional, comfy-cozy living space for the past six weeks.  To do so we enlisted help from the trusty Hang and Level to precisely hang our pictures without putting unnecessary holes in the walls, from free bread clips to label our numerous electrical cords below the office desk for future unplugging use, from two under-the-sink drawers to control and hide our products that make-us-beautiful-presentable daily, from an inspiration (hopefully turned to reality soon) to organize and utilize my jewelry for decor by displaying necklaces on knobs inside a vintage wooden frame, and a creative use to store and create a keepsake from my mass collection of postcards and travel memorabilia.


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