Wedding Whoopsie

On Friday, I posted a question on Facebook asking what all you ladies tend to wear to weddings, may it be a little black dress (LBD), a bright/colorful dress, or some type of print (floral, animal, etc).  Of course, I answered my own question with LBD.

WELL….I should have listened to my gut.  While attending an absolutely AMAZING wedding this weekend in Iowa, I was that girl who matched the bridesmaids.  All the way from the sparkly statement necklace to the color of the dress down to the nude heels.  There were subtle differences though:  my dress had straps and was short, my nude heels were pumps not opened-toed, and I luckily had a black blazer to hide some of that color that had me looking like the bridesmaids.  I mean the bridesmaids all looked GORGEOUS so if I had to be mistaken for someone else that night at least it was after some good looking ladies!  What can I say, we have good taste!

Here is the STUNNING bride and her beautiful sister in the aforementioned bridesmaid dress:

Gorgeous right?  I completely forgot to take specific pictures of my outfit since we were having way too much fun on the dance floor but I’m sure you can grasp the idea from the pictures below.  All in all, the moral of this story is to remember to check the invitation for wedding colors PRIOR to choosing an outfit and if you do happen to come across this situation, just point it out, laugh about it, move on, and dance till you can’t dance no more!  And in the can always choose that trusty LBD.


BCBG Dress, Mango Necklace, Silence & Noise Blazer, & Aldo Shoes

Have you ever forgotten to re-check the invitation for the wedding colors prior to choosing your attire?  Do you think it is taboo to wear the wedding colors to a wedding purposefully or accidentally?  Have you ever worn the same dress as someone to an event?  How did you handle it?


4 thoughts on “Wedding Whoopsie

  1. You looked amazing, and you had a hot date. I think it’s ok to wear the same color as the bridemaids, it shows you have good taste like the bride.


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