BBQ Chicken Pizza

Honestly I could eat pizza every day for the rest of my life.  Not kidding.  So when my BFF Cece posted this Homemade BBQ Pizza Recipe on her blog over a year and a half ago, I knew without a doubt it was going to be necessary to try it out for myself.  Can we talk about how DELICIOUS this pizza is?  It has become a Welsh Family Household  Favorite Staple.  Why you ask?  Besides being tasty, it takes less than 10 ingredients and only about 30 minutes to make!  Plus you can adjust the amount of BBQ sauce, peppers, and onion to your liking.  Hello last minute dinner idea!

1 Pillsbury Classic Pizza Crust
1 Bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbeque Sauce
16 oz Bag of Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
1/3 of a sliced red onion
1/2 cup of each Stoplight Pepper (Red, Yellow, Green), diced
1 can Shredded Chicken, drained (OR grill 2 chicken breasts and dice..I just use can chicken since it tastes the same and saves time)

1.  Pre-heat the oven following the directions from the pizza crust.

2.  Unroll the pizza crust onto a pizza pan and spread Sweet Baby Ray’s barbeque sauce on top.

Tip:  Use just enough barbeque sauce to cover the crust so it doesn’t get too soggy.  After the pizza is cooked, feel free to add extra barbeque sauce or ranch.

3.  Layer cheese over the ingredients.

4.  Toss the chicken in barbeque sauce.

5.  Add the chicken, chopped peppers and onion on top.

6.  Put the pizza in the oven for about 15 minutes to get this:

Healthy and scrumdiddlyumptious in under 30 minutes!  Have to LOVE IT!


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