Fabulous Finds: Halloween Edition

Although I am not a big Halloween junkie, as proven by the fact that I get nightmares from the Scream movies, I thought I would take the liberty to share some of the non-spooky inspiration I have found that I hope to recreate in the next week prior to All Hallows’ Eve.

{Jack-O-Lantern, Black Cat, Mummy, and Pirate Cake Pops}

{A Spellbinding Centerpiece of Mums}

{Spooky Smencils as an Alternative to Candy}

{Blood Splattered Nails}

{The Perfect Halloween Costume for Maddie…
and her two Harry Potter obsessed parents}

What do you do special to celebrate Halloween?  Bake?  Dress-up?  Pass Out Candy?  Decorate?  Do you love scary movies and haunted houses or are you more pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins?


5 thoughts on “Fabulous Finds: Halloween Edition

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  2. They’re the best! I got my subscription to “Family Circle” free because I kept putting in all the codes under my diet coke that I drink religiously. lol
    I had never read a “Family Circle” but now that I have I love them! 🙂
    Parenting is a good one too 🙂


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