How To: BOO!

The children I nanny for are on fall break…all week.  Enter panic mode.  What are we going to do for 12 hours everyday for 5 days?  Luckily it is the week before Halloween and luckily my creative Aunt Peg, my Uncle Scott, and ADORABLE cousins, Grace and Ian, who briefly visited us this weekend in Chicago, let me in on a fun neighborhood activity:  BOO your neighbors!  After picking out a few school-based Halloween goodies (pencils, erasers, notepads) and treats at Target (we stuck to store bought since we don’t know our neighbors that well), printing off the BOO poem and instructions, and stuffing everything into treat bags we were ready to go.  The kids had a blast placing the BOO treat bag on their neighbors doorstep, ringing the doorbell, and quickly running away.  My enjoyment came from watching a 3 1/2 year old “sprint” while giggling the entire time while doing her first ever ding-dong-ditch.  Training them young.  Booing our neighbors cost only about $10 for the goodies and treat bags but gave us something new and exciting to do for a couple of hours.  Although we did this in a complete kid-friendly manner, you could mix it up for your adult friends and family by adding spiked apple cider, homemade treats, liquor, candles, or if you want to get real crazy a Starbucks gift card to treat themselves to a pumpkin-spiced-latte!


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