This weekend was amazing.  The hubs and I went to the pumpkin patch (more on that later today), watched tons of football (please do not mention the results of the Iowa game, we are still recovering), completed tons of mind-numbing chores, and had our friends, Matt and Erin, over for football and pizza Sunday night.

Notice how nothing about Halloween was mentioned?  We tried, we really did.  We attempted to bring home pumpkins to carve…FAIL.  We halfheartedly thought about a costume for Saturday night…FAIL.  We instead stayed in and caught up on life and sleep…SUCCESS.

Although we didn’t dress up in costumes, I did dress up my nails (seen here and here).   They are down right sinful and I LOVE THEM.

What you need:
–  White and Red Nail Polish
–  A Disposable surface
–  A Straw
–  Tape

1.  Tape off your fingers.  One piece straight across the bottom of the cuticle and one piece arched around the sides and top of the nail.

2.  Paint your nails white.  I used two coats of Sinful Colors Professional Snow Me White.  How Halloween appropriate, right?

3.  Pour red nail polish such as Sinful Colors Professional’s Ruby Red onto a disposable surface (tip: use cheap polish).

4.  Dip your straw into the red polish making sure to coat the entire end of the straw.  Blow onto your nails.

5.  Peel off the tape to reveal your blood-splattered nails!  My thumb nail turned out to be my favorite!

Aren’t they spook-tacular??  What did you do to celebrate Halloween?  I would love to see your costumes (upload here).  Happy Halloween and Trick-or-Treating!


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