Cheering On The Colts

What do you expect a 25-year-old to do on a Friday night?  Drink?  Go out?  Dance?  Live it up, right?  Not this one.  My Friday night was spent baking the best ever chewy chocolate chip cookies (recipe here), creating chocolate peanut butter pretzel balls (recipe coming Saturday), dying chair covers red, and planning a trip out West.  Sound exhausting?  It was.  This productive night was luckily followed by a relaxing day of watching the Hawkeyes defeat #15 Michigan and driving to Indiana to taste homemade apple cider and divulge in grilled pork chops and cheesy potatoes (all courtesy of my Aunt Jeanne and cousin Katie) while watching more college football and catching up with family.  Sunday, we had the opportunity to wander downtown Indianapolis, cheer on the Colts, and meet our friends’ not-yet-two-week-old most-adorable peanut of a baby (the highlight of the trip) before heading back to Chicago.

What did everyone do this weekend?  Hope you all had a fabulous, relaxing weekend as well!

{My Parents at the Colts vs Falcons Game}

{The Colts Defense Dominating}

{Baby Cael…SOOO CUTE!}


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