Pinterest: Corkboard

Between the shower, wedding and party invites, tickets, recipes torn from magazines, and coupons, we get an ugly mess of a pile going on in our kitchen and on the refrigerator.  In an attempt to declutter, I purchased a $7.00 pack of four cork tiles with adhesive squares included to attach to the back of the pantry door and brightly patterned homemade button push-pins to hold everything in place.  In five minutes and for under ten bucks, I created a designated hiding place for all my cooking inspiration, coupons and the event reminders we are looking forward to in the next couple months.

{Quartet Cork Tiles Purchased from CVS Pharmacy for $7}

{Apply the supplied stickies on the back of the corkboard}

{Making sure it is straightly aligned, attach to the surface}

{Handmade Push Pin Buttons from}

{The Finished Project}


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