Pinterest: No-Sew T-Shirt Headband

Second and third day hair is part of my normal routine.  I could pretend the inconsistent shampooing is due to following the scientific facts that washing everyday strips your hair of natural oils and that dye job I paid so much for, but let’s be honest it’s pure laziness.  I know, pretty nasty.  Come on though, I know you do it too.  Admit it.  So when I saw this DIY T-Shirt Headband on Pinterest from Meg at Tripping Over Joy, I knew immediately it would fancify my messy bun and make it appear that this headband served more of a fashion purpose than as workout attire.

You know that old, armpit stained t-shirt sitting in your drawer?  It is seriously all you need to complete this headband in less than 10 MINUTES.  I can’t wait to steal the colorful t-shirts out of Justin’s drawer to make this headband (and maybe even a ring) in an array of colors for everyday use.

{The ever famous Chicago Sport & Social T-Shirt cut into three 1″ Strips}

{Stretch the 3 strips until they become thinner and begin to curl}

{Braid for about 16-20″ depending on head size}

{Tie the two ends together tightly}

{Justin was lucky enough to receive a T-Shirt Bracelet…Hope he wears it forever :)}


4 thoughts on “Pinterest: No-Sew T-Shirt Headband

  1. I admit it, you had me at third day hair. This is easy and quick to make with a cute outcome. I’ll be putting it to good use. 🙂

    Your blog has definitely helped me to discover the DIY world. And I love it! Yea!


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