Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

#1  Turkey BLT Sandwich

Spread mayonnaise on toasted white sandwich bread. Layer with iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato, crisp bacon, and sliced turkey.

#2 Brie Quesadillas

All you need is leftover turkey, cranberries, Brie, tortillas, and olive oil.

#3  Turkey Cobb Salad

Turkey, bacon, avocado, blue cheese, egg, tomatoes, and lettuce combine to create an easy to share cobb salad.

#4 Chunky Turkey-Vegetable Soup

A colorful, hearty soup full of turkey, sweet potato, escarole, and tomatoes.

#5 Turkey, Cheddar, and Green-Apple Sandwich

Spread mustard on 1 slice of bread and mayonnaise on the other slice. Layer the remaining ingredients on mustard, and top with second slice of bread. Cut in half, and serve immediately.

#6 Cranberry Pancakes

Simply reheat cranberry sauce from the night before and drizzle on top of each pancake.


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