Chasing Waterfalls

{Vista Point overlooking the Columbia River Gorge}

On our second full day in Oregon, we decided to ignore all the advice we have received from TLC over the years and went chasing waterfalls.  Driving along the Historic Columbia River Highway, we explored Troutdale, a 100-year-old town of antique shops, art galleries, and a general store, stopped at Vista House for amazing views of the Columbia River Gorge, and hiked to Latourell, Multnomah, and Tamanawas Falls.  Although the rain and darkness ended our adventure early, we always find ourselves loving our vacation days spent exploring the outdoors the most and would love to venture back someday to tackle many of the other beautiful hikes Mt. Hood has to offer.

{Multnomah Falls}

{Behind Multnomah Falls}

{On the hike to Tamanawas Falls}

{Tamanawas Falls}

{Tamanawas Falls}


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