As soon as we realized we could fit an actual dining room table in our new apartment, I was jumping with joy.  Literally.  We have been eating at counter tops, tiny tables, and TV trays for the last three years.  It was about time we upgraded to an adult sized dining room table.  With the addition of a new table, we needed new chairs.  Four of them to be exact.  Which meant more money of course.  Chairs at West Elm (pictured at right) were running about $150+ a pop so we went looking at our favorite money saving spot, IKEA, and settled on these beauties on the left for $60.

Yeah, not a whole lot to spin circles for so we decided to make them a sunny yellow by using iDye Bright Yellow for Natural Fabrics and following the directions for the front-loading washer.

The Play-by-Play:

1.  Fill a large bowl with 2 cups hot-as-possible sink water and the dye tablet.  Stir until completely dissolved.

2.  Fill a separate bowl with 1 quart hot-as-possible sink water and one cup of salt.  Shake or stir until salt is completely dissolved.

3.  Pour salt water mixture into the large bowl containing the dye tablet and stir.

4.  Pour the salt/water/dye mixture into the bottom of the washing machine.

5.  Wet two chair covers with water and place into the washing machine.

6.  WITHOUT detergent, set your washer to the HOTTEST temperature and longest possible wash cycle.  If you are able to extend the wash cycle, do so.  We added an extra rinse and spin cycle.

7.  After the cycle is fully completed, add a small bit of mild detergent (do not use Tide, it leaves blue spots) and wash on cold normal.

8.  Dry.  We dried our chair covers for 10 minutes in the dryer then hung to dry so they didn’t shrink!


Are you thinking highlighter yellow?  That’s what we thought too.  So we tried again using iDye Gold Ochre.  You can see the difference between the two below with Gold Ochre on the left and Bright Yellow on the right.  Much better.

Needless to say the chair covers came out pretty close to the color on the package…

FINAL RESULT (don’t mind the vent in the background):

The total chair investment was $75 a chair for a grand total of $300 opposed to the $150 a chair at West Elm for $600.  50% Savings Baby!  I LOVE the price and how they turned out.  iDYED for them when they turned out (haha get it..iDye..I died)!  They seriously brighten up the room and add pops of color to our otherwise grey and white color palette.  Now maybe we will change them to a more festive Christmas color… 🙂


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