The Thread Affect vs. thetwentysixthyear Challenge #1

The Competitors:  The Thread Affect vs. thetwentysixthyear

The Challenge:  Find the top five holiday hostess gifts.

Let the games begin!

Whether attending a party hosted by friends or a family get-together, I hate walking through the door empty handed.  Usually I come bearing baked goods, a bottle of wine, or an appetizer.  However, my one rule with a hostess gift is this:  the gift should not be something the hostess would feel obligated to display in her house every time you came over so as not to hurt your feelings.  Examples:  art, coasters, pillows, something your child made, a picture of you, etc.  That being said…here are my five favorite hostess gift finds for the holidays!

#5  Booze

You seriously can NOT go wrong with alcohol (unless they don’t drink of course) so dress it up in holiday fashion and voila you are good to go.


#4  Food

People love baked goods so wrap them in pretty boxes, stack them in old cans of Pringles, or display them on a festive plate.  (I actually have made these “Cookies for Santa” and they are super easy and turn out scrumdiddleumpcious.)


#3  Personal

From the stress of the planning, baking, cooking, cleaning and preparation for the party, every hostess needs a little TLC afterwards.  Treat her to some smell-good bath fizzes, lotions, or a mini soap set to get her back on the road of relaxation.


#2  Home

I know I said don’t get anything the hostess will feel obligated to display in her house, however, a candle is something every household needs and if she hates the smell she just throws it out or re-gifts it, no harm done!  Just stick to simple, classic shapes.  I love WoodWick candles like the one below, the aroma fills the whole apartment and the wicks make tiny noises like that of my non-existent fireplace!

#1  The Morning After

Let’s be honest: the hostess is going to have a rough morning after the party whether it be from the clean-up or the booze so why not treat her to a morning cocktail to ease the pain.  (a) Mimosas – add a cute note to orange juice poured in a tall glass bottle and a bottle of champagne.  (b) Bloody Mary’s – fill a mason jar full of all the necessary ingredients (bloody Mary mix, pickels, celery, vodka, etc), add a recipe tag with directions on creating the perfect mix.  Done.

Head over to thetwentysixthyear to see what Kate came up with for her favorite hostess gifts for this holiday season and check back January 1st, 2012 (yes 2012..unbelievable!) for our next blog vs. blog challenge!



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