National Gingerbread House Day

Today is NATIONAL GINGERBREAD HOUSE DAY!  I have successfully purchased two gingerbread houses and a mini-gingerbread village for Justin and I to decorate tonight.  Hopefully next year I will step it up and help Justin accomplish his dream of creating and designing our own Hogwarts Gingerbread Castle but until then the store-bought versions will have to suffice.  Here are a few gingerbread houses decorated by us in the past years:

{Year 1 – Gingerbread House 2009}

{Year 2 – Gingerbread Village 2010}

Check back tomorrow for an update with this year’s gingerbread house!  Upload a picture of your favorite gingerbread house here for us all to enjoy!  Good luck with your own personal gingerbread houses and/or villages!  Happy holidays!


Here is our Gingerbread Village, House, and Christmas Tree for 2011.  We had some extra help from our families while they visited for a Christmas in Chicago weekend!


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