A Chicago Christmas

Experiencing Christmas in downtown Chicago is simply magical.  From the iconic plays such as “Christmas Carol” and “A Christmas Story” to the Christkindlmarket at Daley Plaza to the Macy’s window displays to ice-skating and taking silly pictures with “The Bean” at Millennium Park to the gorgeous Christmas lights adorning every tree of Michigan Avenue to the bright lights at Lincoln Park Zoo, there is a Christmas attraction to fulfill any desire.  This weekend we had the special privilege of sharing all these spectacular attractions with our families.  It was such a joy to re-experience these sites from a new perspective and regain the appreciation and awe that we felt when we first encountered them four years ago.

{Ready to see “A Christmas Story” at The Chicago Theatre}

{At the Christkindlmarket with Santa Claus}

{Pictures at The Bean in Millennium Park}

{Zoo Lights at Lincoln Park Zoo}

{Zoo Lights at Lincoln Park Zoo}

{Our Gingerbread Village with Harry Potter Lego}

{Decorating Christmas Sugar Cookies}


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