Advent Calendar

With all the hustle and bustle of shopping, baking, traveling, and attending parties during the Christmas season, the little special moments sometimes get lost in the whirlwind.  To prevent missing our favorite things about the holidays, I created this advent calendar to remind us to slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy all the special, traditional things we wanted to participate in this December.  My favorite part is that each person can make this to fit their ideas and the activities on the calendar are easily changeable from year to year as new traditions enter into your family holidays.  Have kids?  What a great way to show them different and fun Christmas adventures each day instead of just opening presents on December 25th.

My Inspiration:

What I Did:

1.  Gather your supplies (card-stock, thick 2″ ribbon, thin 1/2″ ribbon, scissors, markers, stencils, tape/glue).  Cut each 12×12 piece of card-stock into three equal 4″ wide pieces until you have 25 total (one for each day).

2.  Using a red marker, stencil the date onto each card.

3.  Size and cut rectangular green card-stock pieces for the top.  Punch a hole into the top of each card, making sure the hole in each card is the same distance from the top.

4.  Stencil a different Christmas and/or winter activity onto each card.  Decorate with drawings or decorative paper.

5.  Cut the thin 1/2″ ribbon into 25 equal pieces and attach to each individual card.

6.  Place the thick 2″ ribbon through each of the 25 cards and hang on the wall to remind you of all the holiday activities you want to accomplish!

{Hanging Above Our Windows}

{Close Up View of Days 18-25}

Advent Activities I Used:

  1. Watch “Christmas Carol”
  2. Decorate the Christmas Tree
  3. Host a Holiday Party
  4. Download and Listen to Christmas Music
  5. Send Christmas Cards
  6. Make a new Christmas decoration
  7. Play a game and drink apple cider
  8. Visit the Christkindlmarket
  9. Watch “Four Christmases”
  10. Relax with a good book
  11. Wrap Presents
  12. Decorate Gingerbread Houses
  13. Ice Skate
  14. Take pictures with Santa
  15. Angel Tree Presents
  16. See the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights
  17. Watch “A Christmas Story”
  18. Bake cookies
  19. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
  20. Kiss under the mistletoe
  21. Watch “Elf”
  22. Play Outside (Sled, Build a Snowman, etc)
  23. Give a Surprise Gift
  24. Leave Santa cookies
  25. Merry Christmas

Additional Options:

–  Instead of punching holes and using ribbon, attach the cards with clothespins.
–  Instead of using ribbon to hold the cards, use a metal ring.  Then you could display only the appropriate date and place it behind the rest when you complete it.
–  Cut your card-stock smaller to avoid having to draw and decorate or take up as much space

I’m definitely looking forward to adding in new activities as we have kids in the future (no, I’m not pregnant)!  What are some things you and your family love to do during this holiday season?


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