My 2012 New Year’s Resolution

Whether stated aloud, whispered to ourselves, or written down, we all without a doubt make New Year’s resolutions.  When 78% of New Year’s resolutions fail each year, why do we continue to set ourselves up for failure?  Is it the reflection of last year’s failures that leads to the desire to make lasting self and lifestyle improvements or simply the fresh start of a new year?  For me it is both.  I look at January 1st as the day to turn my life around and get back on track with a blank slate and no where to go but up.  This year my New Year’s Resolution is simple:

Nike marketing executives had it right all along.  These three little words are going to be my 2012 motto and the driving force behind every decision.  No more talking about increasing the hours spent in the gym or how I should really start eating healthier or control my shopping to stick to a budget or volunteer more or up my effort of correspondence to be a better friend or organize every drawer and closet to make life easier, I’m just going to do it, no more excuses.  Bring it on 2012 and get ready to be dominated.


4 thoughts on “My 2012 New Year’s Resolution

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