Entryway Mirror

Since September the wall above our entry table has been completely naked, not a very warm welcome to our guests.  We’ve been searching for a way to give our boring square mirror a stylish update or for a completely different mirror with a little more pizzazz.  During an emergency run to IKEA late one Tuesday night for lamps and picture frames, we stumbled upon this round antique-y yet trendy mirror…in black.  If you know Justin, you know black is not an optional color for any decorative or furniture piece in our apartment.  After a little convincing, we compromised that it would be perfect with a little bit of spray paint.  Even though the color is way more blue than we anticipated (going for more of a turquoise-blue), we are completely in love with the new look for the entry way.  Now to just add a coat rack, boot mat, umbrella stand, pieces of art, etc…

{IKEA UNG DRILL Black Mirror}

{Behr Mermaid Song – Color We Were Going For}

{Spray Paint We Used From Home Depot}

{Apply two thin coats of primer, waiting 10-15 minutes in between coats}

{Apply Spray Paint – Remember to stay 6-12 inches away, apply in multiple light coats, allow each coat to dry completely, and spray from all angles to get every crevice}

{Mirror Drying After the Third Coat}

{Mirror in Our Apartment Entry..Looks more Blue than IRL}


4 thoughts on “Entryway Mirror

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  2. Hi, I have a question, I too would like to make my UNG DRILL frame into a Mirror. I was wondering where did you actually find the “mirror” to put in the frame. Because the UNG DRILL frame only comes with glass.


    • Hi Carolyn! The UNG DRILL we bought from IKEA actually had the mirror/glass already in it. We actually didn’t have to change or add that part at all, only spray painted it to change the color to our liking.


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