12 Preplanned Monthly Date Nights

Even though we weren’t doing Christmas gifts for one another this year, I couldn’t help but recreate this cute, romantic, and free idea (found here and here) of twelve preplanned monthly date nights.  We always strive to have multiple date nights a month, whether it be something small like playing Phase 10 for the night instead of watching TV or something big like a Broadway show, but life sometimes gets in the way when the dates aren’t preplanned and definitive.  Giving experiences and memories as presents are my absolute favorite and this present allows me to give twelve!  It also provided a way to make sure all those unused Groupons, YouSwoops, LivingSocial, and Restaurant.com coupons didn’t go to waste.  Here’s hoping that these twelve date nights I have planned go off without a hitch and we have a blast reconnecting while experiencing some old and some new things in the city.  Every month I will post an update on our most recent date night!


{Dinner at Burton’s Place and Zanies Comedy Club to see Brian Scott, here}


{Sleepover made for two, here}


5 thoughts on “12 Preplanned Monthly Date Nights

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