Fabulous Finds: In My Apartment

Ever since I showed you our brand new empty two-bedroom apartment (here), I had every intention of posting updates on each room as we made major decisions (which couch, dining room table, layout of the living room, etc).  As we all know, that hasn’t happened yet, however, my goal in the next month is to post these updates.  Here is a small glimpse at five of my favorite new additions in the past few weeks.

{Owl Pencil Cup to Hold Wood Decorative Colored Pencils, below}

{Real Wooden Decorative Colored Pencils for the Office}

{Cloisonne Chrysanthemum Pull Hardware to jazz up white IKEA furniture}

{To Do Notepad to Keep Me Productive}

{Owl Catch All to Hold Keys at the Front Door Entry}


6 thoughts on “Fabulous Finds: In My Apartment

  1. Hi Megan, I thought I would leave a little note to tell you I have both of the Owl items above haha! My sororities symbol is the owl so I have collected many owl items over the past 4 years! Fortunately, owls have been so popular and cute!! P.S. love your blog!


    • Minor owl obsession happening lately. How many owls are too many for one apartment? At least you have a reason to purchase them! I LOVED the owl outfits you girls did for Halloween, so creative!


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