Melting Snowmen Cookies

How stinking adorable are these cookies (found here and originally created here)??  For the past two weeks, the kiddos I nanny have been off school for winter break so we decided to decorate these cookies one afternoon since they were perfectly winter themed, super cute, allowed for creativity, and helped the little one work on her motor skills (she was pretty impressive with the decorator’s icing).  I definitely think these deliciously cute cookies will be a new yearly activity for the three of us to do.


1 package Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix
1 can white frosting
16 marshmallows
Icing Decorating Tubes (Black, Pink, Purple, Blue, Orange, Red, Green)


1.  Following the directions on Betty Crocker’s Sugar Cookie Mix, bake the sugar cookies.

2.  After cookies are cooled completely, frost with white icing.

3.  Spray a microwave safe plate with cooking spray.  Place marshmallows on top and microwave about 20 seconds, they are done when they start to expand.

4.  Place the microwaved marshmallows on each frosted sugar cookie.

5.  Decorate however you like!  Decorating suggestions:  scarves, bows, bow ties, earmuffs, hats, mittens, etc.  Bonus, have a little one help, she did such a good job!!

Recipe Source:  The Decorated Cookie and Crazy Domestic


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