DIY: Hanging Wall Art

Even after new paint, furniture, rugs, lights, and plants our house still felt incomplete.  We realized the blank walls staring back at us while we relaxed on the couch needed a serious update.  Since the wall is pretty large and we stare at it every time we are in the living room, we wanted to keep the pictures large and simple to minimize any overwhelming feelings.  We chose four landscape pictures from our trip to Italy last summer including from left to right, top to bottom Venice, Rome, Florence, and Cinque Terre.

1.  Take all your measurements:  height and width of the wall, height and width of the picture frames, and the location of the wire hanger on the back of the picture frame.  Determine the placement of the frames on the wall.  Draw out a plan with all measurements listed.

2.  Measure from the edge of the wall to the far left edge of the picture.  Mark the edge of the frame with painter’s tape.

3.  Measure down from the ceiling to determine the location of the top of the picture frame; mark with painter’s tape.

5.  Measure the distance down from the top edge of the frame to the picture frame hanging wire and screw in the hook.

6.  Repeat for all four picture frames always remembering to double-check your measurements.

Now on to the blank wall across from the kitchen!  How do you decorate your blank wall spaces?


4 thoughts on “DIY: Hanging Wall Art

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  2. You crack me up! I use the eyeball method. Once when hanging pictures for a client my boss & I got into a discussion on the best method of hanging the pictures. I said I would point on the wall where I thought it should go and she could do her measurements and we would see how it came out. We were within 1/8″ of each other….. when you’re good! 🙂


    • I wish I was that good! Unfortunately, I have a crooked head or something because when I think something is straight it ends up being at a HUGE slant! Apparently I just need some more practice, you are a professional at this you know! 🙂


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