Pinterest: Working It Out

Pinterest:  the place women go for workout inspiration and extremely fattening recipes.

Well, since I have been making TONS of the unhealthy recipes, I thought maybe I should finally use Pinterest for the other purpose:  workout inspiration.  Let me tell you, my legs are ON FIRE after completing these two workouts.

First up was a 30 minute interval incline walking treadmill workout (found here and here).  Holy cow, this is intense.  I never imagined walking could have me dripping with sweat and breathing this hard!

After pumpin’ my arms like a maniac to stay on the treadmill, I jumped off and completed this BURNING legs and abs circuit in about 20ish minutes (from here and here).  Not sure what some of these exercises mean?  Neither did I so check out the video links below for instructions and examples!

Here are links to help you if you have any questions!

Sumo Squats
Squats with Side Leg Lift
Side Lunges with Knee Lift
Side Plank Hip Lifts
Squat Jumps
Bicycle Crunches
Plank Hold

Get out there and JUST DO IT!!!


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