February Date Night

Contents:  Do You Know? Quizzes, Sour Patch Kids, Popcorn, The Notebook

Cost:  $10 for the Do You Know? Quizzes from Amazon.com, I had everything else!

The Plan:  Enjoy a night of comfort without any distractions in our apartment together watching movies, eating junk food, playing games, sleeping in the living room, and talking until we fall asleep!

The Date Night:  Our first attempt at February date night began with a home-cooked meal and watching Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried race against the clock in the movie In Time, which ended up being surprisingly good.  Unfortunately, starting the night with the movie put us both in sleepy mode causing us to immediately hit the hay leaving food, wine, and games unscathed.  Last Friday, we reattempted date night by eating enough food to feed an army (including these and these desserts), answering quiz questions about one another, playing Phase 10, watching Glee: The Concert Movie, and sleeping in the second bedroom atop massive numbers of pillows and blankets.  My favorite part of this date night was that the focus was on us communicating and being with one another instead of it becoming just another Friday night occupied by computers, cell phones, and tasks needing completion.  We both decided this date night idea will be a monthly occurrence from here on out!

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**Idea Source:  Life in General Blog**


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