January Date Night

Contents:  Two Tickets to Zanies Comedy Club, $25 Gift Certificate to Burton’s Place

Cost:  $34 Total;  $24 for 2 Comedy Tickets, $10 for Gift Certificate (from here)

The Plan:  Enjoy dinner at Burton’s Place before heading to Zanies Comedy Club to see Brian Scott!

The Date Night:  We started off our January date night enjoying the unbelievable 58 degree winter weather by walking to Burton’s Place for dinner.  Unfortunately, after being awkwardly stared at by the bar regulars at Burton’s Place we called an audible and headed across the street to enjoy some barbeque eats at the fabulous Fireplace Inn.  Luckily we arrived at Zanies thirty minutes prior to showtime as it was packed to the max (as you can see below).  We had a great time knocking back a few Sam Adams and 312s while laughing at Brian Scott’s What Women Want jokes.  The night was complete when we changed into our jam-jams, grabbed fluffy blankets, cuddled with our pups, and watched Glee’s Michael Jackson episode.

{Doesn’t he have such great style?!}

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**Idea Source:  Life in General Blog**


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