Pinspiration: February Fab Abs

One month into the new year and I am already bored with my trice weekly workouts consisting solely of Jillian Michaels DVDs and the elliptical.  Attempting to stay motivated, I searched the ever inspiring Pinterest and stumbled across Fab Ab February, a daily abdominal plan intensifying each day, and Cardio Treadmill, an interval workout aimed to blast fat and give me a much-needed break from the elliptical.  As a person who likes crossing things off a list, this Fab Ab calendar helps me stay consistent and the Cardio Treadmill workout organizes my time on the treadmill to make the workout more purposeful and intense.  What is your go to workout when you need to mix it up?

(Found here and here respectively)


2 thoughts on “Pinspiration: February Fab Abs

  1. I was super bored of my usual workout routine as well so I joined a new “gym” KOSAMA. Absolutely love how each and every day is a different workout with the weeks intensifying! (kickboxing is my fav!) It’s fun to change up a workout – love this fab ab post! 🙂


  2. I saw on Twitter that you and the girls in your sorority were doing that (totally creepy I know)! It looked awesome! I have been wanting to try kickboxing for FOREVER, heard it is such a great workout. Hope you ladies enjoy your new gym!! 🙂


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