On the Ledge

Cluttered with camera cords, pictures, a dry erase board, lamp, papers, and random knickknacks, the desk in our office space was no longer a place to calmly collect our thoughts.  Hanging a three-foot long picture ledge from West Elm (here) slightly lower than the top of the computer screen allotted a new space to display our turquoise fish and my framed second grade drawing of the city, gifted to me by my parents this past Christmas, without occupying valuable desktop space.  Placing a simple storage cube (here) upside down underneath the desk provided a new sturdy home for our printer freeing up additional space above without being inaccessible.


West Elm Wall Shelf {West Elm Picture Ledge}

Tip for clean up{Tape a plastic bag underneath the hole you are drilling to minimize your clean up}

Office Space To Do:

–  Remove the printer from on top of the desk
–  Add a picture ledge
–  Add another picture to the wall shelf
–  Add artwork around the computer
–  Update the lamp
–  Add boxes/tray/storage to hold office necessities (post-its, pens, mags, etc)
–  Trash the Fifth Third Bank mouse pad for something more colorful
–  Dye or stencil the computer chair cover
–  Add some height and dimension to the desk
–  Add at least one live plant


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