March Date Night

Contents:  Wine and Food Pairing Class for Two at Bottled Grapes (from here); bottle of wine and chocolates

Cost:  $35 for Wine and Food Class; $10 for bottle of wine

The Plan:  Participate in a two-hour wine and food pairing class with one of just 24 oenophiles in the world focusing on the best California reds and whites paired with northern California cuisine.  Yum!

The Date Night:  Tuesday night we had the chance to finally attend Bottled Grapes wine and food paring class up in Lincoln Square.  Although we had fun drinking, eating, and chatting with the other couples at our table, it honestly was a bit of a letdown in terms of learning expectations.  Originally I purchased this deal in hopes that we would learn how to correctly pair specific flavors of wine with specific types of food so in the future while eating out at restaurants or hosting friends and family at our house we could pretend we knew a little something.  Unfortunately the class focused more around blind taste testing (who knows what flavor it is?), the techniques of correctly tasting wine (look, swirl, sniff, drink), and used extremely popular wines that everyone at our table had enjoyed at least once ten times before (Bogle and Menage a Trois).  Overall it was a fun night full of good conversation with our table (so much so we didn’t even pause to take a picture together, gasp) and wine so there wasn’t much to complain about, however, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this “deal” in the future.  Oh well, on to next month’s date!


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**Idea Source:  Life in General Blog**


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