Shootin’ and Drinkin’

The morning of February 2nd started like any normal Thursday (taking my nanny kids to school, eating breakfast, watching shows from the night before) until I opened my computer to find my daily email from LivingSocial with the subject Shoot ‘Em Up and Knock ‘Em Back.  Immediately I opened the email, clicked view deal, read the first couple lines, purchased two for March 3rd, and forwarded the information to Justin.  Best. Wife. EVER.

Anticipation for this shooting and drinking road trip had been building for exactly a month and we were ecstatic the day was finally here.  After a quick stop at Starbucks and Walgreens for some road-trip essentials, we boarded the Windy City Limousines charter bus with about fifty other cowboys and girls and headed straight for Point Blank Shooting Range in Benton Harbor, Michigan.  After a quick lunch, random photo shoot with a Tommy Gun, and tour of the building, we were anxious to get in the range and shoot ’em up.  That was until I actually got in there…Fifteen minutes of standing around watching and LISTENING to person after person shoot a handgun had me shaking in my boots and slowly edging towards the exit.  Don’t worry, I sucked it up, walked strolled up there like I was Calamity Jane, and demonstrated that I was the fastest gunslinging cowgirl this side the Mississippi.  FALSE.  My hands were shaking and sweating the entire time, my pulse was racing, and the gun range patrol man stood by my booth the entire time “just in case”.  Regardless of my nerves I had an absolutely unforgettable experience as I shot off my fifty rounds with the pistol, five rounds with an AK-47, and ten rounds with a Tommy Gun.

Thought this story was over didn’t you?  You did see I mentioned there was drinking involved, right?  After we all demonstrated our incomparable talents at shooting, we hopped back on the charter bus and headed for Round Barn Winery where we were able to taste twelve different libations, including wine, beer, and liquor with the Cranberry Fruit Wine being the overall favorite.  The culmination of the excitement from the gun range and the twelve samples of alcohol had our charter bus full of new friends talking, singing, and drinking the whole two hours back to Chicago.







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