Photo Montage

Since day one of moving in we I have fantasized about creating a photo wall displaying all our favorite pictures from recent trips and memories.  After weeks of selecting photos, printing, cutting, framing, taping, and hanging, our final photo wall is complete and I’m in complete LOVE.  I can’t wait to change out photos for new ones from future trips or even add in some pictures that represent specific holidays or seasons.  Here’s how we conquered our photo collage wall:

First, select your frames making sure to vary the sizes and orientation (horizontal/vertical).  Choose and print your chosen pictures in their appropriate size.  We decided to only include pictures that showcased landscapes, quotes, and our smiling faces in the hopes of eliminating any awkwardness in the future of not having that one lonely person in the group unrepresented on the wall.

Second, using recycled paper cut out the shape of each individual frame.  These individual sheets of paper that you will tape to the wall represent each of your individual pictures that you will eventually nail and hang to the wall.  Using the paper as a spot holder allows you to easily move frames around without adding unnecessary holes to your wall and allowing for you to visually see your layout more easily without awkwardly holding up multiple frames while someone else looks at them.

Third, determine the space and layout.  Instead of drawing out a predetermined layout, we decided to simply find the center spot of the wall facing our kitchen and tape up an 11×14 piece of paper at eye level that would symbolize our starting point in which we would work outwards from.  After the initial picture in the center, we simply began hanging papers around it making sure to vary the size of photos next to one another as well as keeping in mind the colors and materials of each picture placed.  (i.e we didn’t want all the pictures of us smiling at the camera on one side of the wall or all the bright colorful photos in one section so we tried to mix them in together)

Fourth, start hanging your frames.  Once again we began with the center photo and worked out in an attempt to minimize accidentally pushing the whole collage of photos too far left or right or up or down.  To hang our frames, we measured the location of the hook on the back of the actual frame (from the side edge and top edge) and then wrote those measurements on the piece of paper.  Once we had the cross point, we nailed directly into the paper on the wall, removed the paper, and hung the frame.

Fifth, fill in any missing gaps.  We ended up needing more pictures than anticipated so our wall stayed like the above picture for an embarrassingly long period of time as we attempted to make decisions on the remaining photos (hardest part of the whole project was choosing pictures).  Finally we had the finished wall!

{Left to Right, Top to Bottom:  Chicago Art (here), Times Square, Man on the Balcony in Cinque Terre, Multnomah Falls in Oregon (here), Picnic in Seattle, Flowers from Venice, Us at a wedding (here), Our Pups, One of my favorite quotes (here)}

{Multnomah Falls in Oregon (here), J+M carved in the tree, Sleeping at the Airport in Rome, LOVE from our trip to NYC (here), One of my favorite quotes (here), Set of 3 pictures from a hiking trip to the Manitou Islands, flowers in Cinque Terre, Life quote (here), Playing cards in Saint Mark’s Square}

{My first picture holding Maddie, quote (here), playing cards in Saint Mark’s Square, under a bridge in Central Park, locks from Florence, Venice, and Cinque Terre, our Tom’s overlooking the ocean in Italy}

{Flowers from Venice, Us at a wedding (here), Our Pups, One of my favorite quotes (here), Gum Wall in Seattle at Pike’s Place, Overlooking the ocean in Seattle, My first picture holding Maddie, Our 5th grade yearbook pictures from Hoover Elementary}

What do you think?  Did we succeed in creating a balanced photo collage?  What steps do you take when you create a photo wall?  Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Photo Montage

  1. This photo wall is awesome!! I think about creating one myself like forever but unfortunately don’t have a good place for it. You guys did really great and if I’ll ever do mine I will definitely use your idea with plugging all the papers at the wall first.


    • I have seen photo walls like this all over the place and was so excited to try it myself. Have you tried maybe a spot going up the stairs or above an office desk? Anywhere that you find yourself passing that would give you a little spiritual lift throughout the day! I love walking past and seeing all those great memories! Let me know if you ever find a space for your photo wall, I’d love to see it! 🙂 Thanks for reading the post Lili!


  2. I have been planning a project like this ever since my husband and I moved into our new apartment, and am finally going to tackle it this week. I love the idea of choosing a few themes to work with, and will definitely use your method of plotting out the placement of each frame first. Speaking of frames, where did you get yours?


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