Pinspiration: PomPoms

PomPoms are EVERYWHERE right now in party planning and home decor:

Inspired by all the gorgeous PomPoms out there, I decided to order three large, three medium, and four small poms for the bridal shower from Sevyn Designs on Etsy in yellow, blue, and green.  Coral and Hailee from Sevyn Designs were amazing.  Not only did they respond quickly to every single one of my questions and have the PomPoms to me in plenty of time, but they also included step-by-step instructions and a sweet handwritten thank you note.  Rare to receive such great service!  The incredibly easy assembly and hanging of the poms would definitely lead me to utilize these trendy decorations again in the future.  Want to try some for yourself or your next party?  Check out Sevyn Designs on Etsy and put in promotion code thread10 to receive 10% off your order through the end of April! Awesome, right?!


Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Lay PomPom out in front of you.  Cut string to desired length and double knot onto the metal loop.

Step 2:  Fan the PomPom out on both sides.

Step 3:  Starting with one side of the PomPom, gently pull each layer away from the center.  Repeat five times on each side then rotate.

Step 4:  Use your fingers to fluff petals and create even spacing between layers until your PomPom is petal perfect.

Step 5:  Hang PomPoms at varying heights wherever you would like (above tables or cribs, in windows, centerpieces, in bedrooms, etc).


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