Did you figure out where I was this past weekend from staring at these mouth-watering Southern sweets?  NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE baby!  Myself and eight ladies flew down to help my girlfriend Cece celebrate her bachelorette party for three days.  Between the pedal tavern, pole dancing class (hilarious), barbecued everything, live country music, and dancing we all had an absolutely amazing time.

After a weekend in Nashville two years ago when six of us ladies went to Nashville to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, we all fell in love with the city’s atmosphere as well as one another and vowed to come back again without having to run the dreaded hills of Tennessee.  If you ever venture down (or up) to Nashville, here are our musts:  Jack’s for bomb barbecue; Pancake Pantry and 417 Union for breakfast; Puckett’s for any meal; Tootsies, The Stage, and Cadillac Ranch for live music and a night out on the town; Parthenon, Vanderbilt Campus, Country Music Walk of Fame, Blackstone Brewery for a Bushwacker Beer, and Pedal Tavern for sites and entertainment.  I’d love to hear what are your favorite things to do, eat, and/or see in Nashville?


9 thoughts on “NashVegas

  1. I think for vacation Nashville is fine, but try living there as I have. That is a totally different ball game. It’s a city of lyers and thieves! At least that was my experience there. You have to have lots of ID’s to prove who you are and you’re not trusted until they call your boss, demand 3 references AND what have you. I would not recommend living there. It’s hard to rent a decent apartment unless your income is 3 times as high as the rent, I mean GROSS income! All in all, I found it to be a cutthroat place. I am now in a major world city on the Asian continent where people are honest


    • I’m really sad to hear that you didn’t have a good experience living in Nashville. I have only ever been to visit for the weekend and fortunately we have encountered extremely nice, helpful, well-mannered people each time. Glad you have found a new place to live that makes you happy! 🙂


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