April Date Night

Contents:  Chicago Bulls tickets

Cost:  $132 for the tickets + whatever we drink/eat while at The United Center

The Plan:  Watch the Chicago Bulls dominate the Cleveland Cavaliers at The United Center on Thursday, April 26th.  This will be my FIRST ever professional basketball game so I am totally stoked!

The Date Night:  Justin and I had a great time strolling the United Center drinking margaritas while taking in the historic basketball pictures, witnessing the famous starting lineup introduction made famous by the Pippen/Jordan reign (see it here), laughing through the Matadors third quarter performance, and watching the Bulls demolish the Cavaliers 107-75.  All in all it was a successful date night regardless of our ho-hum attitude towards professional basketball.

“When you get a team that truly commits and everybody puts everything into it every day, you don’t have to worry about anything else.”

– Tom Thibodeau on the key to the Bulls’ success but sounds like the key to marriage success too –

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**Idea Source:  Life in General Blog**


2 thoughts on “April Date Night

    • I absolutely love it. It makes us spend one whole night away from the TV, phones, and computers with one another while experiencing new fun things together!


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