Forever Navy

A last minute addition to the social calendar sometimes always sends me sprinting to the nearest store in search of THE perfect outfit for that wedding, graduation, trip, or party that I seem to think I have nothing appropriate for in my overflowing closet.  Unfortunately the store I generally run to is Forever 21.  Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this store and at least seventy percent of my favorite clothing items to wear are from here but as this article outlines it definitely takes patience and determination. With its overabundance of racks stuffed with cheaply priced, low-quality clothing on multiple floors, I find myself in a haze awkwardly grabbing any dress/top not adorned with childish prints or the sides cut-out and heading to the awfully lit dressing rooms where I discover at least one flaw with each item I have so meticulously chosen (too short, see-thru, tight, or ugly, or gasp all these in the same item).  Wait a second…this dress is in a conservative cut and color with well placed pleats, has a satin-ish lining, made of a thick cotton material, and actually fits?!  I seriously think the lights shown brighter when I put it on.  Even though I had zero idea the event I would happen to wear this dress too, I knew it was the type of dress you purchase to pull out for those last minute, what-do-I-wear events, which is exactly what I did on Saturday to attend Philip’s {boy I nanny, how adorable and stylish is his bow-tie?} First Communion at Old St. Patrick’s Church.

{XXI Navy Dress, $22.90, similar here | XXI Gray Blazer, $19.80, similar here | XXI Teal Belt, similar here | Guess Gold Shoes via TJ Maxx, $22.99, similar here | Michael Kors Jet Set Sport Watch, gifted | H&M Gold Bracelets, $9 | H&M Tortoise Sunglasses, $8 | Hobo International Clutch, $34.95 via Nordstrom Rack}

Congratulations to our giveaway winner, Kate from Lucky Porcupine!  Contact me at to claim your prize!  Thank you to everyone who entered.  Check out Pop of Chic to purchase your own Nori Necklace and other beautiful pieces of jewelry!


8 thoughts on “Forever Navy

    • So true! I wear a watch basically everyday now that I have ones I love in both gold and silver! I love how they add a classic twist to any outfit and yet the size of mine add a masculine/boyfriend flare as well! Thanks for commenting! 🙂


  1. I am the same exact way about feeling like I HAVE to have a new outfit for an event such as a wedding, baby shower, graduation ect…

    And F21…ugh…they have some super cute stuff(and I’ve seen really nice things on other fashion blogs) but finding it amongst all the CRAP is something I almost never have the energy for.


    • I completely agree. 7 out of 10 times I walk in that store, aimlessly wander for 5 minutes, realize I don’t have the patience or energy for the endless racks of clothing, and walk back out empty handed. Always a great place though to try out those trends for super cheap that you don’t want to invest in! Thanks for taking the time to comment! 🙂


  2. OMG LOVE IT – especially with the belt! just takes it up a notch! Let me know if you find navy patent leather shoes – on a quest. FYI – went to Forever 21 Sunday – no where close to my age – or so I thought until you have shown some great picks! Saw the pink and orange number! If it hadn’t been an XS I would have considered it. Will have to go back and check this one out!


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