Fabulous Finds: Wedding Gifts

The wedding season full of deliciously flavored cake, party rocking dance floors, and friends and family gathered celebrating the love of a couple is officially upon us.  In hopes they receive items they deemed necessary for their future home together and ones I hope will remind them of us when used, I generally try to choose a present straight off the couple’s registry that reflects the relationship we have with one another (i.e. a tent for the couple we love to camp with, a box of board games for our competitive friends to host the next game night, a baking themed gift for the friend who I share recipes back and forth with, etc).  However, lately the registries have become slim pickings as couples register for fewer items or guests, more organized than me, purchase items further in advance.  For these reasons, I have put together a list of additional present ideas that can be personalized to each couples’ personality, hobbies, and relationships.

1. Love Birds Artwork to subtly display their wedding day 2. His and Hers Tumblers for drinks  3. Chunky Basketweave Blanket to cuddle and watch movies 4. Monogrammed Forged Steak Brander for the detailed barbecuer 5. Customized Rubber Stamp Address Return for all those thank-you notes and future letters 6. Personalized Cheese and Bread Board for entertaining 7. Wedding Anniversary Wine Box to help them celebrate their first, fifth, and tenth anniversaries 8. Wedgwood Vera Wang Vase for all the beautiful flowers she will receive from him in the future 9.  Love Burlap Pillow for decoration and comfort


2 thoughts on “Fabulous Finds: Wedding Gifts

  1. Yup, definitely getting #7 for my friends that just got married and are total Wine-O’s! They’ll love it! Thanks!


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