Mixing up these margaritas for tonight’s Mexican potluck with a few friends!

In a pitcher, simply combine 1 can limeade and 1 can gold tequila, 1/2 can water and 7up, 1 Corona, and the juice of one lime.  Serve over ice or put in a blender to enjoy!


9 thoughts on “Margaritas

  1. I love Margarita’s!
    What time should I be there? 😀
    We have a Boxing Day Party every year that is all margarita’s, sangria and mexican food just because all that is so great…and so I can remember how to make mexican food! don’t get a lot of it in Australia unfortunately.


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    • After adding in the can of limeade, pour gold tequila into the empty can and then add into the pitcher. It will be equal parts limeade and tequila. Does that help? Sorry that wasn’t explained very well in the post! I will edit it now. 🙂


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