Weekly Rewind

Following last week’s wedding mayhem, we needed a few days of recouping, which was exactly what we did last Sunday by watching four movies and ordering in every single meal. After finally catching up on sleep we had a great week hosting friends for a Mexican Pot Luck, learning new photography tips at a Chimpsy crash course, eating at new-to-us restaurants, and planning for our trips next month all while avoiding the NATO Summit chaos taking place downtown Chicago!  How was your week?  Anything new and exciting?  Don’t forget, I am still looking for guest bloggers for the two weeks I am gone, just shoot me an email at thethreadaffect@gmail.com!  Happy Sunday everyone, hope you have a wonderful week!




The PERFECT Mother’s Day, Sweet Mandy B’s and The Vow | Dogeared Make a Wish necklace | My littlest one | Beautiful looking and smelling lilac bushes | The Hungry Jack breakfast at Jack’s on Halsted | Strawberry Mojito to kick off the weekend | Planning for our Ireland/London Trip


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