Thrifty Threads: Summer Shopping

My goal for summer shopping:  INVEST in classic pieces and ADD color and prints to my wardrobe (no more black or grey).  What’s at the top of your summer wish list?  Am I missing any key summer items that you recommend I add?

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10 thoughts on “Thrifty Threads: Summer Shopping

  1. I really like the pink blazer and yellow cardigan you chose. They are such bright cheerful colors! Maybe you could add a hat to your list. I’m keeping a lookout for a super large brim hat.


  2. I feel the same as you do – I desperately need to add some color in my wardrobe too! And I am truly in love with the pink blazer and the clutch on your wishlist.


  3. As always you’re right on target. Love that love knot bracelet!

    I would also like to pose the option of plain colored maxis and/or white blazer or pants (pants vs. jeans) – rationale? Pump texture and colors up with some statement jewelry – which I didn’t necessarily see here, but consider part of my wardrobe -especially a statement ring – which is my signature piece along with/or spearately a statement bead necklace. (I have many I inherited from my mom and am facinated by how here styles have become so vogue now!)
    You rock it girl!
    – Kris


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