Fabulous Finds: Father’s Day Gift Guide

Here are some fun gifts for dads of any hobby and perfect for Father’s Day next weekend!  What do you get your dad?  Do you switch it up or have a traditional gift you give each year?

1. Leather Flask, $43 2. Huntsman Swiss Army Knife, $48  3. The Art of Shaving, $25 4. Personalized Golf Club Cover, $32 5. Jack Spade Wood iPhone Case, $40 and Leather iPhone Case, $38 6. Wooden Bottle Opener, $20 7. Rounded Sterling Silver Tie Clip, $78 8. Ben Sherman Tie, $35 9. Croquet Set, $125 10. Timex Vintage Field Army Watch, $150 11. Original Wallet Pen, $49 and Chrome Ballpoint Pen, $66 12.  Men’s Carryall, $66

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