Weekly Rewind: I DID IT!

When you read this, I will already be on my way to Ireland for my two-week family vacation!  Don’t worry, I have posts scheduled every day for your reading enjoyment some written by myself and some by fabulous guest bloggers!  I am going to try to respond to comments as quickly as possible while I’m away but bear with me!  If you want to see pictures from my trip like my Facebook Page or follow me on Instagram (thethreadaffect)! I hope everyone has an AMAZING two weeks!

I never thought it was possible but I DID IT!  I officially got dressed and ready for 7 days in a row!  This is a BIG HUGE deal for me as I rarely change out of my workout clothes Monday-Friday since I play at the park with kiddos all day.  Chicago’s weather last week was in the 60s/70s most days and I wanted to take full advantage of the mild fall-like weather while it was around!  Which outfit is your favorite? 


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