Pinspiration: DIY Plastic Bag Organization

Oh hey. I’m Kate. You may know me from my blog thetwentysixthyear or more specifically as one of Megan’s best friends: proof of friendship. I am honored to be guest blogging today and thought I should kick off with a fun fact:

I love cleaning and organizing.

Rewind. Yes, it’s true. I actually enjoy cleaning and organizing. I find it cathartic.

What do I love more than cleaning? Travel. In fact, how awesome would it be to be traveling the Irish countryside right now??! But since we couldn’t fit into Megan’s suitcase, we’ll stick to organizing.

Have you ever found yourself in this situation:

Inline image 1

Too many bags. Piling up in the cupboard. So annoying.

However, they can be useful – packing lunches, trashcan liners, etc.

The solution? Storing for reuse!!


  • Plastic bags
  • Clear packing tape

Step 1: Flatten out bags, removing all air.

Step 2: Fold bags in half and line bags up so handles overlap the previous bag.

Inline image 2

Step 3: Fold the handle of the first bag (furthest to the left). This will be your center bag – the first bag you’ll pull out.

Inline image 3

Step 4: Tightly roll the bags tucking in the handles of the next bag as you roll.

Step 5: Once you’ve rolled up the final bag, I used clear packing tape around the outside of the final bag which created it’s own canister.

Inline image 4

VOILA!! Organization and peace of mind.

Another option? Tatortots & Jello used an old Lysol wipes container instead of packing tape (how clever!).  What organization tricks do you have up your sleeve?

**Idea courtesy of Tatortots & Jello**


2 thoughts on “Pinspiration: DIY Plastic Bag Organization

  1. you and I share the same love. cleaning and organizing is literally one of my favorite pass times. I am pretty sure my bf hates me (; and my friends like it when they ask but I have this problem of doing it when no one asks me… I can’t help it. it’s just a hand compulsion.


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