I Got My Bright Pants On..

You know you hit a home run with your outfit for the day when your brothers immediately compare your bright pink pants to a Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon comedy skit with an in unison singing of “I’ve got my tight bright pants on”.  Sense my hint of sarcasm?  Actually, the skit is absolutely stomach-aching hilarious and both the dance moves and song lyrics will be in your head for the rest of the day, maybe two, I promise.  You have been forewarned, but it is totally worth watching!

We took these pictures on our last day in London in the three acre park behind our rented flat.  Crescent Gardens was beyond breathtaking from the walking path to the two cats playfully playing tag to the swing-set full of little ones to the enormous twisty branched trees shading benches perfect for relaxing with a good book.

Old Navy Pink Skinny Jeans | Steve Madden Black Flats (similar here) | Zara Polka Dot Blouse | Truth and Pride Blazer via Nordstrom Rack | Forever 21 Sunnies and Ring |


16 thoughts on “I Got My Bright Pants On..

  1. I love your bright pants! My favorite pair ever was a pair of black ankle pants with a print of large purple, pink and blue flowers all over! I felt great whenever I wore them; but my 10 year old son advised me in all seriousness that he could not go out in public with me when I wore them. So I wore them to work on casual friday instead.


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