Weekly Rewind

We have officially been back in the states from our two week vacation to Ireland and London (more photos later) for a week now and although it was definitely rough coming home to weather in the high 90’s, we are finally adjusting back to our work schedules, responsibilities, and normal routines.  This past weekend was full of seeing friends at the Old Town Craft Beer Fest (amazingly refreshing), practicing photography skills at Garfield Conservatory, and touring the Frank Lloyd Wright homes of Oak Park (stunning) in a torrential downpour.  Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and is having a great Monday!

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Irish Scenery | Cupcake Inspired Nails, Essie’s Mod Squad and Sally Hansen’s Barracuda | My Maddie Girl | Frank Lloyd Wright Houses in Oak Park, My Favorite and His First Home | Practicing Our Photography Skills at Garfield Park Conservatory


4 thoughts on “Weekly Rewind

  1. Great pictures! I absolutely adore the picture of the cupcake and the pretty nails! Adorable dog too! I hope you had a great trip:)


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