Orange Crush

Purchased last summer while vacationing in Italy, this Mango shift dress brings happy smiles to my face due to the warm orange color, the relaxed yet refined fit, and the wonderful memories of strolling the streets of Italy with my husband.  Instead of buying conventional souvenirs (logo t-shirts, magnets, mugs) I try to find clothing, accessories, or household items that I can wear/use for years to come that secretly remind me of our adventures.  Don’t get me wrong, I also collect postcards and hat pins from everyplace I visit, but there is something special about wearing items from your travels that immediately lightens your mood.  Other souvenirs include the French Connection clutch (London) pictured below, this necklace from Italy, and this Longchamp bag from Ireland, as well as numerous books and locally made artwork.  What do you collect from your travels?

Mango Dress | Guess Shoes | French Connection Clutch | H&M Turquoise Ring | Michael Kors Jet Sport Watch | Forever 21 and H&M Bracelets


5 thoughts on “Orange Crush

  1. I don’t collect, just take pictures. No souvinors… But always thought I should find one tangible item I should I take with me….


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