Splurge vs Save: Heart Sweaters

Graphic sweaters adorning illustrations of patterns, animals, pictures, and colorblocking were seen on the fall runways and are now gracing the shelves at stores near you.  Bringing back the 80s along with your childhood memories of sporting Mickey Mouse sweaters, these quirky printed sweaters receive a modern update and are chic when paired with jeans and oxfords or a pencil skirt and pumps.

Both these sweaters come from two of my favorite stores, but can you guess which one has a price-tag of $90 and which is a steal at $23?  Leave a comment below with your vote or on my Facebook Page (here) and check back tomorrow for the reveal of the actual prices!  Will you make a statement with a graphic sweater this fall?  How will you style it?

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Which of these sweaters will steal your heart by saving you money on this fall graphic sweater trend?  The sweater on the right is from Target and can be yours for only $22.99 whereas the sweater on the left is from J.Crew for $90!  It is actually sold out at the moment, but you can find other J.Crew heart sweaters here in green/pink or here in white/navy via Net-A-Porter.  You decide, $90 or $23?


7 thoughts on “Splurge vs Save: Heart Sweaters

  1. I Love the J Crew one. Hope I didn’t spoil it for anyone but OMG I love it. I can’t believe you found a similar and more affordable one. I’d definitely go the $23 route.


  2. I think the one on the left is the expensive one! But I sort of prefer the off-centered design on the right. I fully intend to wear a graphic sweater (once the weather here gets below 98 degrees) Probably with jeans–maybe even colored jeans? Probably some sparkle too.


    • I completely agree with you! Love the added interest of the off-centered heart! I think colored jeans and sparkle would perfectly complement these graphic sweaters! Can. Not. Wait. for it to be fall and 65 degrees! 🙂


  3. I will refrain from voting, because I already tried on the cheaper one!!! 🙂 I didn’t buy it because it was the wrong size! 😦 But when it is in stock, I plan to get it to complete my skinny jeans, flats and big pearl necklace outfit (ok not really), but that is what I envisioned when I tried it on! Super cute!!!


    • Why not really? I think that outfit sounds adorable and perfect! Target also has an owl sweater that I am basically obsessing over as well! Love Target! Thanks for reading/commenting Mel! 🙂


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