Pinspiration: Fall Essentials

Although I feel that this outfit could definitely use either an additional splash of color, another print possibly added into the scarf, or a little texture, it features all items I consider fall essentials due to their versatility and timelessness:  flat knee-high boots, blazers, striped shirts, scarves, and neutral bottoms.   What are your fall essentials?

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4 thoughts on “Pinspiration: Fall Essentials

  1. Those pants, especially when paired with the boots, look so stylish, but not as if you’re trying too hard. I agree about maybe a pattern on the scarf. But overall it’s a look I would wear. My fall essentials are definitely scarves, knee-high boots, and a funky jacket. Can’t wait to follow you on Polyvore.


  2. You’ve read my mind when it comes to fall essentials! Autumn is not only my favorite season, but it’s my favorite season to dress for. I’ve already started buying new riding boots and stocking up on scarves and skinnies so I don’t have to battle the masses in the stores when fall finally arrives! 🙂


  3. Help… spent the weekend looking to recreate this look!!! Could not for the life of me find a “non-suit” blazer – or those that I did find did not have a cool inside cuff pattern.
    Sugggestions on “where to buy” or brands? This is too cute for me to pass up.


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