Doubling Up

It’s no secret…I love pairing these Guess heels, gifted to me by my mom and copied from my Aunt Peg, with just about everything (see below)!  So when I was browsing through the Naperville Marshall’s a few weeks back while waiting out a nasty storm, I spotted a lone pair of these Guess heels sitting oh so prettily on the clearance shelf…in my size…for $24 and couldn’t resist the urge to snatch up a second pair.  It’s like that rainstorm was sent so I would be stranded in the mall and could stumble upon these shoes and be in shoe heaven (only half kidding).  Why did I buy a second pair?  I wear the first pair constantly, they are super comfortable, go with just about everything, and I would be devastated if something ever happened to them.  They may even possibly travel the world with me starting next month…

What do you think, was this second pair a good investment or a waste of money?  Would you ever buy multiples of the same piece?  If yes, of what?  If no, how come?

Other super cute options:

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16 thoughts on “Doubling Up

  1. I actually need to start doing that with jeans. It’s so hard to find a pair that looks great on my body type (short and curvy) and every time I do, I always buy one… just to have it rip a few months later and get retired to the back of my closet… So I think it’s a good investment when you have something you really love.


  2. These shoes are fantastic and look amazing with all your outfits from casual to dressy. I think that completely justifies a second purchase. Especially if you are as tough on shoes as I am. They pretty much only last a season before they show some pretty significant signs of wear and tear!


  3. Late to the party on a reply – but the one time I did buy a multiple – it ended up sitting in my closet – only to later be given away to charity. Perhaps my real problem was that I couldn’t let go of the loved pair – when they may have needed it? Or that to be honest the style of the shoe went out and I couldn’t bare to be be behind the times!


    • Such great points. I think one pair will be for day to day and going out at night and the other pair reserved for dressier occasions! Hopefully they will be worth it in the end!


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