Closet Confidential

About three months ago, I went nuts and started reorganizing my closet even though we were all set to move out just four months later.  So to make it a good use of my time, I thought I would share some of my tips for a closet cleanup.

  1. At the change of seasons, review your closet to see what you didn’t wear from last season and to assess what key pieces you need for the upcoming season (summer:  didn’t wear those gaucho capris for the third year in a row? fall: need a new blazer? pair of boots? printed scarf?).
  2. Weed out those unworn, wrong sized, holey pieces.  Create separate piles for clothes to alter/mend, sell/donate, store (hats/gloves don’t need to be out in summer, swimsuits can be put away in winter), or keep.
  3. Organize the keep pile.  First, decide the best way to organize your closet for YOU.  Separating by type of clothing (dresses, tank tops, blouses, etc) or by color are two popular choices.  I personally organize first by type and second by color, in rainbow order of course, as I find it is easier to get dressed since I generally need a tank top or blouse as opposed to just a black top.  To do this, I usually pull every article of clothing out of my closet and create piles on the bed of each type of clothing, which I then organize by color in the closet.
  4. Decide real estate value.  Ask yourself which items you gravitate towards daily and which items are only worn for rare occasions.  For example, if you constantly wear tees with blazers place them front and center for easy accessibility and if you can’t stand wearing dresses except for special occasions place them towards the back.  I am all over the place with outfits so I organize my closet by sleeve-length beginning with tank tops followed by t-shirts, long sleeves, blouses, cardigans, blazers, and jackets.  My pants, sweaters, and sweatshirts get folded and placed on the shelf above to minimize stretching while on hangers, while dresses, organized also by sleeve length, and skirts are to the right with scarves and belts so they have more room to hang.  I will say that somehow my button-up blouses and blazers landed square in the middle of my closet, which is perfect since these are my comfortable, go-to pieces.
  5. Combine like accessories into convenient organizers.  Placing all clutches in an easy-to-grab box prevents you from stretching on tip toes to find that specific clutch at the back of the shelf and in the end saves time.  Hook belts and scarves onto a convenient organizer (here or here) or simply drape over an extra hanger.  Utilizing this vase to corral my bracelets not only keeps them easily accessible but also provides free, pretty décor for my personal dresser.  Although I would love to create one of thesejewelry organizers for my necklaces, I have yet to find the time so am temporarily using a spare hanger to keep my necklaces visible, detangled, and separated by silver and gold.
  6. Hanger storage.  I kid you not; this plastic hanger storage systemis one of the best purchases I have made to keep my closet functional and clean.  So easy and worth it.
  7. Create an outfit hook to hang potential outfits ideas for the next day or that special event.

What other tips do you have for cleaning up your closets?  Is there another way you organize your closet besides type or color?  I would also love to see how you organize your jewelry, upload a picture here!


5 thoughts on “Closet Confidential

  1. Love the hurricane vase for bangles – mine are on a dome covered gondalier from Italy. and rings in a shallow dish – but this method also makes them artful and a nice focus piece in your room.
    I too organize by sleave length – nice to know that someone else does as well.
    TIP: Wrap “past” season items in white acid-free tissue paper and intersperce piles (you can pile on a shelf or within a box) with herb scented sashays or better-yet moth balls if you can stand it, to keep the bugs out and clothing dry. – Has worked well for me for past 2 years.
    As always… you have gems of ideas for us. Will miss “you” terribly – really hope that you’ll be able to keep the blog going!


    • Great minds think alike, right? 🙂 Love the tip! I could do the acid-free tissue paper and herb scented sashays but not the moth balls (can’t stand the smell). Might have to try that next year if I ever am that organized! Thanks for commenting girl!


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